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London WC1A 2NJ
United Kingdom

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Christina von Hodenberg Director
Michael Schaich Deputy Director
André Tummernicht Administrative Director
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Research Staff

The academic staff of the Institute changes from time to time, as most Research Fellows have fixed-term contracts of three to six years’ duration. During this time, along with their duties at the Institute, they work on a major project of their own choice, and as a result the Institute’s areas of special expertise also change.

Tobias Becker Modern History
Felix Brahm Colonial and Global History
Stephan Bruhn Early Medieval History
Mirjam Brusius Colonial and Global History
Jane Freeland Modern History
Bernhard Hollick Medieval History
Marcus Meer Medieval History
Markus Mößlang Modern History
Jenny Pleinen Modern History
Michael Schaich Early Modern History
Indra Sengupta Colonial and Global History
Sina Steglich Modern History
Hannes Ziegler Early Modern British History
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Gerda Henkel Visiting Professor 2019/20

Ulrich Herbert  
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Christiane Swinbank Head Librarian
Jolanta Gambus Librarian
Helen Jones Librarian
Jana Remy Library Assistant
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Other Members of Staff

Susi Atkinson Receptionist
Anita Bellamy Secretary
Marie Belling Receptionist
Katja Benkel Receptionist
Angela Davies Translator and Editor
David Lodge Facilities Management
Nina Muth Administrative Assistant
Carole Sterckx Events
Ulrike Wessollek Administrative Assistant
Jozef van der Voort Translator and Editor
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